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Job-keeper Payment Update

Job-keeper Payment Update:

Think of this payment as a subsidy to the employer from the Government to continue paying their employees.

Each eligible employee receives at least $1,500 per fortnight (before tax). If they were already being paid this amount from the employer then their income will not change. If they were receiving less than this amount, the employer will top up the amount paid to them to the $1,500 (before tax).

Effective from 30 March 2020 and is for a maximum period of 6 months.

To be eligible employers, businesses must

To be eligible employers, businesses must:

  • Have turnover of less than $1 billion - Learn More
  • Have experienced a drop in income of 30% - Learn More
  • Must have had eligible employees as at 1 March 2020 - Learn More
  • Confirm that each eligible employee is still engaged by the business. - Learn More
Eligible Employees are employees who

Eligible Employees are employees who:

  • Are currently employed, stood down or re-hired by the eligible employer - Learn More
  • Were employed as at 1 March 2020 - Learn More
  • Are full-time, part time or long-term casuals (longer than 12 months) - Learn More
  • Are an Australian citizen or a holder of a permanent visa or certain other specific visa holders - Learn More

Key Questions About Your Rights

  • How will the 30% drop in income be calculated? - Learn More
  • How are employers expected to be responsible for administering the system and what’s really involved? - Learn More
  • How would employers be able to undo terminations already made (including payouts of leave)? - Learn More
  • How would employees be treated if re-hired after applying for Job-seeker payments? - Learn More
  • How will eligibility be determined for self-employed people who derive income by dividend or distribution? - Learn More
  • Are Employers allowed to reduce the wages previously paid to the eligible employees and still be eligible? - Learn More



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We originally employed an accountant to look after our business but we opted for Book keeping Services and Business Adviser who have been responsible for our internal financial accounting operation for over 5 years. The cost of an employed accountant includes workers compensation Superannuation and workers compensation hence by using book keeping Services resulted in a saving of about $9K p.a.

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